The “burning man” is an event which you want to enjoy a lot with the dance movements. Feasible dancing movement gets possible with the comfortable and agile dress. The kilt is considered to be the utmost choice to wear on this event. Utility kilts will help you to make dance steps easily and keep your important things within easy to reach. Kilts are such garments that have the ability to sucks the harsh climate too.

What is utility kilt?

A kilt which worn by the Scottish men that twisted with latest trends. It tailored with the similar conventional features like flat fronts and pleated sides. The used fabric of the modern kilt is somehow similar that used to stitch the work wear kilt. The top-notch and modern addition of the utility kilt features pockets that allow carrying the different items just like the cargo-pants.

The reason for choosing a utility kilt for the burning man

Kilt breaks you down from conventional and allows you to present yourself what you are which is the actual purpose of the burning man. Wearing kilt you look to be individual and makes the dancing easy due to the convenient kilt’s structure. It supplements you with the pockets to carry you utensils secured as well as you get rid of the heavy weighted back pack. While the kilt’s stuff let you withstand with the hot sun and harsh sand.

Keep the following points in mind while buying the kilts

Utility kilts are varying in designing.  You have to select what will go better with your sense of style. Have a look on the designs and get your hands on one which matches your personality. There are numerous things that you may consider such as


There are two kinds of kilts one type is snap closed while other is with buckles strap to be fastened. Select one what do you like and considers that it can be comfortable for you.


Kilts are formed with unfastened pockets of different shapes and sizes. Before making the choice think what size and shape of pocket will allow you a required storage.

Other features

Kilts come with belt loops to adjust the belt according to the waist and D rings to attach the key rings like gadgets.

Custom made kilts

For getting you individual we have options of the customized kilts. You can place the order to tailor the kilt on your favorite fabric with the required measurement. You can give a length to get it according as you want. We will guarantee that it will fit you perfectly.