It’s common in the kilt obsessive region wearing a kilt only on formal occasions and most particularly on weddings. The other occasions are rugby or football match on which people might like to pair the kilt with shoes and t-shirts.

There is no one who thinks awkward to carry the kilt on above-stated occasions because tradition is something that receives respect from everyone. But as well no one of us who may not like to carry the particular form of wearing every day in which he feels comfortable. If any one of you who thinks that wearing a kilt gives you comfortable feelings than trouser or pant go for it.

But how can you style your casual look wearing the kilt every day with any outfit? In this order look at our following recommendations but you also impart something creative to your personality whatever you like.

The Kilt

Get the kilt that you think can provide an unconfined relaxation. Tartan kilt is also one of the kilt’s varieties which provide a required comfort and you can also pair it with lots of colors to make your personality changed and colorful every day.

The shirt

Kilt will look perfect with the collarless shirt or otherwise chunky knitted jumper can be the second utmost choice to bring an appealing look to you. But for decent look select the complimented color and graphics-free pattern to go perfectly with your kilt.

Whatever you opt of your own choice to wear on top, be sure it should grab a neat and cluster-free stylish look.


Men mostly wear a boot with kilt but now you should intend to replace your style with Chily boots. This change will bring a new creation to the tradition. To invite a chunky casual look, select the boots’ color which complements to the tartan or makes the ensemble perfect with hiking socks.

Suede brogues, casual brogues, and boat shoes are other forms of footwear which may look good with tartan.

The accessories

The other things that we consider to get your casual look stylish further are military style leather sporran, belt buckle, and kilt pin. These accessories will add a nice touch to the kilt and amplified your beauty in the simplest way. 

Aforementioned ways are more than enough to grab the natural beauty for casual routine but you can add whatever you like. Keep in mind whatever you add should complement to kilt otherwise it will ruin the whole style.