Sir Walter Scoot was the person who introduced the modern kilts. Being a National Costume people started to wear at ceremonies and events particularly at wedding events. But there are other few events that got famous to carry the fashionable kilts. A few events are listed in the rest of the articles where you can see people donning the kilts. Highland Games In the summer season, Scotland is a well-known place for these games. If you have in your mind that you will see the athletes in shorts it will differ with Scottish. This is a great chance for you to see the pipe bands, athletes, judges and dancers donning their beautiful modern kilt. Tartan Day A day celebrates every year to commemorate the strong relationship in United State, Canada, UK and specifically Scotland with each other. Especially in the United States it is celebrated on 6th of April every year and regards a National day to show the sustained relationship with Scotland. People of United States to show their affection for the Scottish people wear costumed kilts and enjoy the day with pipe bands. Edinburgh Military Tattoo It’s not about the typical tattoo season. A large number of tourists gather on this day at Scotland to enjoy the martial arts displays, pipe band performances by word class pipers and much more. This great occasion that celebrates every August started in 1949 and regarded to be a great occasion. To enjoy this popular yearly occasion, most of the Scottish people wear the kilts. Saint Paddy’s Day People of Ireland celebrate this religious day on 17th of March. They denote the honor to the day because that day Christianity landed on their land. Saint Patrick is the saint of Ireland. On this day people wear the green color kilts, green ribbon, costumes, and Shamrocks. Graduation ceremonies This day has significant importance for all students. Scottish students value the last day of an academic era that’s y they wear their finest kilts on this day. Because they believe significant days should be celebrated wearing kilts to love and represent their culture. This is what we need to do because culture and tradition are the factors which make us prominent in the world.